America best paintings of flowers
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Flower Pot-18 x 18 inch- S.N. 4008Flower Pot
F&N with the beam, yeah
Whole milly from the green, yeah
She on bail with the team, yeah
Nutrients and the seeds, yeah
Germinating and the clones, yeah
Start growing it before I come home, nigga
I ain’t tryin’ to miss a beat nigga
Show respect when we greet nigga
These wars over here ain’t feedin’ niggas
Water hose in the flower pots
Damn right nigga flower pot
The electric bill got the house hot
A pussy nigga try to blow the door to the grow
Fucked around and got shot
I saw him bleeding on the ground and walked up to him
Said you think you takin shit’ I think not
CPN with all primary no AU’s
I’m a put the shit to great use
Growing OG in the grass too
Growing sherbert in the cookies too
18 wheeler bringing weight through
Private Jet with a hunnid P’s
The pilot he ain’t got a clue bout this

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