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Angel Tree Christmas
landscape painting is my favorite subject from childhood to that time i paint many these days my subject is moving into new horizons . now i paint some abstract landscape painting with knife flower paintings most of my painting sold. i love my art lover they love my original paintings this is my american dream painting in the night when lights are twinkling i feel the trees are dancing like angels
While angels are shining the sky, it’s Christmas eve
A sweet little angel takes heavenly leave
She likes to help Santa Claus dress up the tree
So next Christmas morning, look up and you’ll see

Sweet Angie, the Christmas tree angel
On the top of the tippy, tippy top of the tree
All dressed up in stardust and tinsel
Have a very, very, merry, merry Christmas, says she

She colors the lights and she sprinkles the snow
She hangs up the holly and bright mistletoe
The loveliest angel you ever have met
She makes Christmas one day we never forget

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