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Angel Tree Christmas Angeles tree 2- 18 x 18 inch- S.N.4032famouspainting
landscape painting is my favorite subject from childhood to At that time I paint a lot of these days my subject is moving into new horizons. now I paint some abstract landscape painting with knife flower paintings most of my painting sold. I love my art lover they love my original paintings this is my American dream painting in the night when lights are twinkling I feel the trees are dancing like angels
Sweet Angie, the Christmas tree angel
On the top of the tippy, tippy top of the tree
All dressed up in stardust and tinsel
Have a very, very, merry, merry Christmas, says she

When Santa has filled all the stockings with toys
And left all his gifts for the good girls and boys
Sweet Angie is busy till dawn starts to break
Arranging the toys until the children awake

Then with the morning, a smile on her face
When Angie has put all the toys in their place
The next thing you know, softly laughing with glee
Sweet Angie returns to the top of the tree

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