Sassi Punnu famous paintig
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Sassi Punnu famous top painting(18x18inch)-S.N.3019
Sassi was the daughter of the Raja of Bhambore in Sindh (now in Pakistan). Upon Sassui’s birth, astrologers predicted that she was a curse for the royal family’s prestige. The Raja ordered that the child be put in a wooden box and thrown in the Sindhu. A washerman of the Bhambore village found the wooden box and the child inside. The washerman believed the child was a blessing from God and took her home. As he had no child of his own, he decided to adopt her.

When Sassui became a young girl, she was as beautiful as the fairies of heaven. Stories of her beauty reached Punhun and he became desperate to meet Sassi. The handsome young Prince, therefore, traveled to Bhambore. He sent his clothes to Sassi’s father (a washerman) so that he could catch a glimpse of Sassi. When he visited the washerman’s house, they fell in love at first sight. Sassui’s father was dispirited, hoping that Sassi would marry a washerman and no one else. He asked Punnhun to prove that he was worthy of Sassui by passing the test as a washerman. Punnhun agreed to prove his love. While washing, he tore all the clothes as, being a prince, he had never washed any clothes; he thus failed the agreement. But before he returned those clothes, he hid gold coins in the pockets of all the clothes, hoping this would keep the villagers quiet. The trick worked, and Sassui’s father agreed to the marriage.
Mir Punnhun Khan (Mir Dostein Hoth) is the son of Mir Aalii, son of King Mir Hoth Khan, ancestor of a famous Baloch tribe in Balochistan. King Hoth was the son of Mir Jalal Khan, ruler of today’s Balochistan (Pakistan) region in the 12th Century, and father of Rind, Lashari, Hoth, Korai, Talpur, and Jatoi.

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